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Written and Directed by: Atanas Kiryakov


75 minutes

Bulgaria 2016

This is a film about the people in the Balkans. A few talented musicians from various Balkan countries make joint musical projects one after another, aiming to develop brotherly ties between the people in this region, which has always been a bubbling volcano.

Theodosii is a Bulgarian musician who can perform everything on an old folk instrument – folk music, jazz and classics. He also composes music. In recent years, he has become the motive power in organizing musical projects with the aim of bringing together the people in the Balkans and persuading them to forget the Balkan contradictions and find joy in music as their common wellspring. The talent and spirituality of these young musicians from Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Bulgaria are charismatic. Whenever people see them together, they become more cheerful and tolerant, and the magic of the Balkan music carries them away. Theodossi, Boyan, Martin, Kostas and the others are not a regional phenomenon. They pour out their European-Balkan identity on three continents during their tours. However, they are most happy when they are in the Balkans, because they have a double mission here – to play and work for twinning in the Balkans. They are the driving forces for this twinning.