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14 kisses

14 kisses

The bachelor librarian Chakalov lives in seclusion. Surrounded by the novels of great authors, he has built up his own view of the world and has a ready quote for everything. This lasts until his aunt decides to choose him to continue the family and inherit her fortune. She sets one condition - to meet and kiss 14 women and marry the fifteenth. So he meets a prostitute, an animal lover, a terrorist, a stripper, a dentist... And all of them, one by one, introduce him to the world of love until he finds the real one.

the first sound post-production of a feature film outside of the cinema (then)
Cast & Crew
  • Comedy, Bulgaria, 1997, 82 minutes

    Directed by Plamen Maslarov

    Screenwriter: Ivan Nedelchev, Plamen Maslarov based on the novel of the same name by Ivaylo Petrov

    Operator: Plamen Antonov

    Actors Krustyu Lafazanov, Vasa Gancheva, Aneta Sotirova, Nora Milcheva, Margarita Karamiteva, Desi Milcheva, Olya Lecheva, Marius Kurkinsky, Plamen Maslarov

    Music by Andrei Paunov

    Back in 1997, the director Plamen Maslarov trusted ARS and we produced the first sound post-production of a feature film outside the cinema (then) - "14 Kisses". At ARS DIGITAL Studio we did sound design, ADR and Final Mix with the then cutting-edge French Digigram PCX11+AES/EBU Broadcast Audio Sound Card system. This has given us the confidence that we can deliver any project as long as you trust us!

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