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Clinic on the third floor

Clinic on the third floor

Here they will cure you with laughter! The clinic where the sick are healthy and the healthy don't know they're sick....

Clinic on the third floor
Cast & Crew
  • In the roles: Alexander Kosev, Hristo Mutafchiev, Reni Vrangova, Stefania Koleva, Bianka Ilich, Nikolai Urumov, Akim Akimov, Stanislava Kotseva, Aneta Sotirova, etc.

    Script: Nikolai Akimov

    Directed by Nikolai Akimov

    Cinematographers Ivan Tonev, Denolyub Nikolov

    Music by Assen Avramov, Vasil Parmakov

    Artists: Dimitar Mitovski, Georgi Dimitrov

    6 nominations at the Monte Carlo International Film Festival

    Professor Filipov went to work in England and left the apartment to his son - Dr. Alexander Filipov.

    There, the young gynecologist is setting up a private clinic where Dr. Edward Tomasyan - internal medicine, Dr. Elena Radeva-Shen - psychiatrist and Gabriela Dokovska - nurse, secretary and everything girl will work.

    Dr. Tomasian is self-elected chief. The clinic opens its doors and there is no shortage of patients...

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      Филми, Телевизионни Предавания, Режисьори и Филмово Студио

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