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Private Investigation

Private Investigation

Suham Radi, a 30-year-old Iraqi woman, was found slaughtered in her room at the Student City in Sofia in July 1988. She is the wife of a fellow NATFA author, Hussein Salman, also an Iraqi. The killer has not been identified. Was Suham a part of a bigger game? In those years, Sofia was the European center of Iraqi intelligence, the socialist bloc supported Saddam and at the same time gave shelter to those persecuted by the regime. Naturally, this complex game takes its toll. Even today, no one is interested in reopening the case.

Private Investigation
Cast & Crew
  • Documentary, Bulgaria, 2008, 78 min

    Director: Anthony Donchev
    Screenplay: Anthony Donchev
    DoP: Ivan Tonev

    Music and sound: Blagomir Alexiev
    Editing: Marieta Chukovska
    Producer: ARS Studio - Blagomir Alexiev
    With the support of the National Film Center Executive Agency

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      Филми, Телевизионни Предавания, Режисьори и Филмово Студио

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