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Singing shoes

Singing shoes

The film is inspired by the life of the singer Lea Ivanova

Edi Kazasyan reads the dossier of Lea Ivanova from the DS and cannot believe it. It was all a lie or someone else was doing the dirty work.

"Every single song will fly over the years and remind them of me"

Singing shoes
Cast & Crew
  • Feature film, Bulgaria, 2016, 141 min

    Script by: Georgi Danailov, Radoslav Spasov

    Directed by Radoslav Spasov

    DoP: Veselin Hristov

    Music: Victor Chuchkov

    With: Donna Bangyozova, Raya Peeva, Ernestina Shinova, Alexander Alexiev, Yulian Petrov, Borislav Chuchkov, Stefan Shterev, Stefan Valdobrev, Stoyan Alexiev, Krastyo Lafazanov.

    Producers: Gergana Stankova, Radoslav Spasov

    Production: MENCLIPS / KANINA FILM

    Co-production of Dream team Films & Productions

    With the support of the National Film Center and the Culture Program of Sofia Municipality

    Liliana Ivanova was born in Dupnitsa in 1923. After the attack on the church "Sveta Nedelya" her parents moved to Constantinople. When she returns to Bulgaria, she wants to study painting, but her desire to sing is stronger. He takes lessons from a young Jew and falls in love. Due to persecution by the Nazis, he left. He returned through Soviet rule and left again for Israel. All the while, a boy crosses Lea's path and steals her shoes, unaware that their meeting will be fateful. Lea Ivanova was sent to a labor training camp. When she was released, she was forced to become a DS agent. She started her career as a singer and met the young jazz musician Eddie Kazasyan. They are married on behalf of the State Security. Together with the orchestra they went abroad and stayed there for 20 years. They travel around Romania, Yugoslavia, Sweden. They return to Bulgaria. Leah has a stroke but continues to sing. Remains on stage until the end ....

    Silver St. George Award from the jury of the Moscow International Film Festival / 2016 /

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