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The Last Trip

The Last Trip

Summer ... Sozopol ... Seagulls ... Random meeting. Yacht in the sea. A world of illusions and money. And an impossible love! Romance and reality. Idealism and cynicism under the roof of the world. An artist falls into the spiral of mixed notions of reality in the magic of love.

The Last Trip
Cast & Crew
  • Feature film, drama, Bulgaria, 2008, 60 minutes

    Script by: Maria Stankova, Vasil Barkov
    Director: Vasil Barkov
    DoP: Martin Dimitrov
    Music: Nikolai Ivanov

    Cast: Vasil Mihailov, Vasil Banov, Evelina Borisova, Adelina Georgieva, Georgi Velizarov

    With the support of the National Film Center Executive Agency

    2008, Sozopol. Sande is a freelance artist. By the sea he meets Stefan, with whom they served together. He is now a wealthy businessman who has come on holiday with his family - his wife Laura, son Mark and mistress Lucy. He offers Sande ten thousand levs to paint his family.

    The artist accepts and gets on the yacht of his rich friend. There he learns that Stefan has cancer and wants someone to inherit his business. Intrigue and gossip between Laura, Lucy and Mark. The businessman chooses the artist as his successor. They go fishing on the rocks. There, Stefan admits that he is not sick, but is looking for a way to withdraw from everything and everyone. He staged his drowning. Sande continues to live as before their meeting.

    The award for the best male role of Vasil Mihailov from the Berdyansk Film Festival, Ukraine / 2008 /.

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