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The Motorbike

The Motorbike

"The Motorcycle tells the story of a friendship that lasted for years, despite the vicissitudes and historical events." Based on the autobiographical book "The Following Man" by Veselin Branev and the memoirs from "Diary" by Bogdan Filov


The Motorbike
Cast & Crew
  • Script by and directed by: Valentin Goshev

    Feature film, Bulgaria, 2017, 92 min

    With: Alexandra Radicheva, Dimitar Angelov, Rudi Evtimov, Nikola Dodov, Filip Trifonov, Gergana Kofradjieva, Mihail Mutafov, Yitzhak Finci and others.


    • 2018 – Golden Eye Cinematography Film Festival 2018 – Award for cinematography • 2018 – VI International Film Festival "Slavic Tale" - September 2018 - Grand Prix "Silver St. George" • 2018 – Shanghai International Film Festival – competition • 2018 – A-Fest Film Anifest Rozafa, Shkodra, Albania– Grand Prix for best film • 2018 – Balkan New Film Festival – competition • 2018 – Balkan New Film Festival - tour • 2018 – Sofia International Film festival – competition • 2018 – Golden Rose Bulgarian Feature Film Festival – competition



    Sometimes there were friends among the enemies who left a gift ...

    "Life was before them, but the present brought war and the future uncertainty."
    The Motorcycle" Motorcycle tells the story of a friendship that lasted for years, despite the vicissitudes and historical events."

    How did the idea for the movie "The Motorbike" come about:

    ""The village of Barakovo (near Blagoevgrad) has been quite interesting in the past. I was collecting material for a documentary about the Balabanov brothers' factory. I also learned about the German Willy, who worked during the war in a German military workshop set up at the factory.

    Vili rode everywhere with his motorcycle, and when it came time to leave Bulgaria, he decided to give the car to his Bulgarian friend Slavcho - a young man from the village."Valentin Goshev

    This is the story of the movie The Motorbike."

    The photos are in Lovech and the surrounding villages - Staro Stefanovo, Leshnitsa, Bulgarene, with the participation of many locals not only in the background but also in roles. The pre-premiere screening of the film is in Lovech - in the "Cosmos" hall, and the anthem "Shumi Maritsa" is performed by the Brass Band of the city, conducted by Totko Rogashki. The motorcycle was the famous BMW R75 - the most popular motorcyclein Germany during World War II, known as the "Wehrmacht motorcycle". This passable and sturdy machine is still wanted by collectors. An original model from a family in Sofia was found for the film, whose son is a backup for the photos on the move.

    During the Second World War, three teenagers gathered in a Bulgarian village. Slavcho lives there - in Barakavo, Willy is a German boy from the German military, and Evelina is an evacuated woman from Sofia, whose house was destroyed by British and American bombing. All three are students at the local school. Their meeting does not start with a smile - first the war separates them, then the feelings of youth intervene - jealousy, rivalry, love, hate, but wins the friendship, which remains a gesture of gratitude. Their next meeting is in 50 years ...

    * History shows that while the Bulgarians saved themselves and the Jews, some Germans were not enemies, but the mystery of the death of Tsar Boris III remains

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