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Post production

Post-production services

ARS DIGITAL Studio can provide everything you need related to the post-production of your project. Read the text below before you start shooting your film!

Please read this before you start shooting your movie!

To get you ready for post-production ARS DIGITAL Studio offers collaboration during the shooting process. An associate can be on location as soon as filming begins and work out all the details to ensure a good recording for post-production. If needed, our associate can record any ambiences you need with a surround mic or record any necessary effects from the field for post production, this will free up your sound department to do their essential work. This will save you money on post and provide the perfect sound design for your film.

Of course you can hire a sound team from ARS right from the start of the production itself. This will ensure perfect sound in the field and very good audio post production.

ARS DIGITAL Studio offers all post production services.

Audio postproduction


We have two audio studios fully equipped for voice-over recording. Our software allows the actor to concentrate on the acting performance because the text of the excerpt will be written on the screen and there will be a pre-launch flap to start.


ARS DIGITAL Studio has a dedicated foley effects booth. Watching on a video monitor ffoley actors record directly into the working project. Our team then processes the recordings so that they sound in the natural environment of the stage.
Of course, it is our frequent practice to record foley on the production locations themselves or in similar interiors and exteriors.

Sound Design & Editorial

ARS DIGITAL Studio uses a large personal sound library filled with years of work on film projects. We have surround effects (SoundField SPS200) recorded by our team in different locations. Our library holds original surround recordings from the Kurdish desert through many other locations (marine, river, urban, airports, interiors and exteriors) all the way to most of our mountains. This will make your movie with unique surround sound.
ARS DIGITAL Studio is also registered with three professional sound effects sites.
Our team also successfully coped with the creation of special sound effects for your project.


ARS DIGITAL Studio has a small, perfectly acoustically treated and Dolby calibrated room for mixing your project. Here you can be completely sure of your final mix - Stereo or 5.1
Our software - NUENDO is always the latest version and easily achieves your every wish in the final mix. We also have a large selection of plugins ready to achieve the effect you want.
ARS DIGITAL Studio has well-trained specialists for the final mixing, but it has no problem working with an external sound engineer of your choice.
We also offer Pro Tools subscription work.

Video Post Production

ARS DIGITAL Studio has two fully self-contained editing rooms equipped with DaVinci Resolve Studio and Adobe Premiere Pro.
Our specialists take part in your installation creatively and are ready to fulfill your every wish with great professionalism.
ARS DIGITAL Studio has a specialist ready to make a special visual effect for your project.

Please, before you start filming, meet with our specialists to go over all the details regarding the video production.

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