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Recording studios


ARS DIGITAL Studio (ADS) is a specialized studio for the production and post-production of films, TV series, TV programs and commercial spots

ADS has creative and technical teams to produce commercials, presentations, PR films, TV shows.

Audio studio 1

Based on NUENDO (Current version Nuendo10)

Option - Pro Tools (Subscription)

The studio is equipped for 5.1 sound. It has a recording booth and Foley effects.
We also create special sound effects here.

Game premix , TV, documentaries and animations.

Audio studio 2

Based on NUENDO (Current version Nuendo10)

The studio is equipped for Stereo sound.

Voice recording, vocal performances, acoustic music recording.

Possibility to tone and editing of vocal performances.

Creation of musical arrangements.

Adaptation of TV commercials, films, animation .

Post-production-editing of feature, documentary and animated films.

Mixing room - Stereo & 5.1

Sound design, ADR, creating special sound effects, mixing Stereo and 5.1

Nuendo - always latest version, large set of audio plugins
Pro Tools - paid subscription

Audio Room 1

Audio Room 2

Mixing Room

Филми, Телевизионни Предавания, Режисьори и Филмово Студио

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