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Projects in development

The studio is currently undergoing a tumultuous creative process to shoot and process the films below.

Feature / 2023

Ave Maria

Full-length feature film, co-production Bulgaria - Italy /Revolver Srl/, screenwriters: Georgi Stoev, Nikola Boshnakov, Hristo Iliev; director: Georgi Stoev

Feature / 2023


Full-length feature film, screenwriter: Valentin Goshev, directors: Ivan Tonev, Valentin Goshev

Feature / 2023

End Point

Full-length feature film, co-production Bulgaria - Greece /Steficon Srl/

Documentary / 2023

Special look

Feature Documentary; 61 min, screenwriter and director: Atanas Kiryakov

Completed projects

Филми, Телевизионни Предавания, Режисьори и Филмово Студио

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