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Corpse Collector

Corpse Collector

A man has to go through the hell of love to find true love. Itso (Stoyan Radev) drives an ambulance which collects corpses in Sofia. He falls in love with Katya (Teodora Dukhovnikova), but she is a gangster's mistress... Izzo kills his rival and thus settles scores with the evil in his childhood.

Unexpectedly, he discovers that Katya is also obsessed with evil, and true love lies elsewhere.

Corpse Collector
Cast & Crew
  • In the roles Teodora Dukhovnikova, Mikhail Bilalov, Lidiya Indzhova, Stefan Shterev, Stoyan Radev

    Directed by Dimitar Dimitrov

    Screenwriter: Marin Damyanov

    Producer:Georgi Nikolov

    Music by Georgi Strezov

    Operator: Boris Slavkov

    Best Screenplay Award at the 33rd Golden Rose Bulgarian Feature Film Festival - Varna 2015.

    Izzo works in a special ambulance called a "log truck". His job is to collect the bodies of the recently deceased and drive them to the morgue. Its "clients" are all victims of murder, suicide or homeless people who have died due to adverse living conditions. He faces the harshness of death every day in the company of his colleague, the driver "Avera" (Stefan Shterev).

    Avera and Mimi (Lydia Indzhova), a pretty and sweet morgue employee, are Izzo's only friends. It's clear that Mimi likes Izzo, but he doesn't pay attention to her at all. He had a caring mother as a child, but she was sometimes quite harsh and sadistic towards him. That's why Izzo only likes women who torture him. Just like Katya - a very attractive woman of Izzo's age. She has a 14-year-old son, Mario, from a previous relationship. Mario shows real talent in the fine arts, but lack of money limits his ability to learn and develop.

    Itzo befriends the boy and falls desperately in love with Katya - not only because of her beauty, but also because of her mysterious personality. She is the mistress of the mafia boss Rocco (Mikhail Bilalov) - a ruthless killer turned politician.

    Stefan Shterev:
    "The film will make you laugh, cry and think. I am glad that cinema is increasingly giving flesh to young directors like Mitko, who have a lot to show and tell. Before filming, we met the actual people who do this work - and yes, the corpses are indeed collected by van!"

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