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The Great Love of the French “terrorist” Abel Rambert

The Great Love of the French “terrorist” Abel Rambert

Abel Rambert's great love passes through Bulgaria with the paintings of Jules Pasquin

In 1948, the FrenchmanAbel Rambert saw for the first time a painting by Jules Pasquin and fell in love with his work. This figurative meeting shapes his destiny ....

The Great Love of the French "terrorist" Abel Rambert
Cast & Crew
  • Documentary, Bulgaria, 2007, 50 minutes

    Script by and directed by: Atanas Kiryakov
    Director of Photography: Dimitar Mitov

    With the support of the National Film Center Executive Agency

    The film "The Great Love of the French" terrorist "Abel Rambert" was shot entirely in Paris. Footage from the Gaumont-Pathe archive was used.

    Abel Rambertwent underground during World War II as an officer in the French resistance, declared "terrorist" by the Germans. After the end of the war, Rambert stumbled upon a painting by Jules Pasquin, which attracted him to the work of the artist, born in Bulgaria. Abel Rambert explores Paskin and follows in his footsteps. Gradually he became a professional gallery owner, whose main interest is the artist's paintings. He is recognized as Paskin's greatest connoisseur, has a large collection of his works and is the commandant of his exhibition at the Mayol Museum in Paris. Jules Pasquin is the great love of Abel Rambert. Without knowing Bulgaria, Rambert loves her because of Paskin. He believes that Paskin's Bulgarian roots have charged him with incredible energy, which is evident from his works.

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