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Passions for Lea

Passions for Lea

"Passions for Leah" is a film about Leah and Eddie, and tells their story through songs that reflect the spirit of the times. A true legend of the great singer comes to life in her songs. "Passions for Leah" is a film about the endless love between a man and a woman - and their life in music. Lea Ivanova has an exceptional stage presence and with the influence she exerts on the emotions of the pub, she becomes a real legend. As well as a symbol of freedom for a whole generation.

Passions for Lea
Cast & Crew
  • Documentary, Bulgaria, 2000, 85 minutes

    Script by: Nikolai Yotov, Eddie Kazasyan, Radoslav Spasov

    Director: Nikolai Yotov

    DoP: Ivo Peychev

    Production: RFF International - Stefan Kitanov, Express Media

    Post production ARS Studio

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      Филми, Телевизионни Предавания, Режисьори и Филмово Студио

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