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Bread Over the Fence

Bread Over the Fence

Located in contrasting areas such as geographical landscape and cultural traditions of Bulgaria. The people in them live in harmony with their neighbors - Orthodox and Muslims. The film follows the life in the two villages in parallel in one generalized weekday. How do they live today with their neighbors - Orthodox Christians and Muslims? The film reveals religious understanding as part of the life philosophy of people of different faiths. "It all starts with bread!" - says one of the characters. The film gradually "completes" his words: "And nothing ends with fences."

Bread Over the Fence
Cast & Crew
  • Documentary, Bulgaria, 2002, 58 min.

    Director: Stefan Komandarev
    Script by: Yuri Dachev, Stefan Komandarev
    DoP: Anton Bakarski
    Production: RFF International - Stefan Kitanov
    Post production:ARS Studio

    With the support of the Executive Agency National Film Center

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      Филми, Телевизионни Предавания, Режисьори и Филмово Студио

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