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"Giri" is an unbridled and crazy story, full of love and music (and drugs), in which many eccentric characters meet and where three friends devoted to love fall into a musical love triangle and embark on the "marathon" of time.

Cast & Crew
  • Feature film, drama, Bulgaria, 2021, 76 min.

    Based on Ivan Arnaudov's novel "The Giraffe has GrownUp"

    Directed by Petya Yosifova-Hankins

    Script by Nikolay Georgiev

    DoP Ivan Tonev

    Artist Georgi Todorov

    Composers Ivo Dimchev, Konstantin Kuchev, Georgi Arsov

    Music by Konstantin Kuchev

    Edited by Ognyan Ivanov

    WithZora Koleva, Georgi Arsov, Konstantin Kuchev, Ivo Dimchev, Kiril Hadjiev, Marko Dzhenev, Valeria Dimitrova, Fasika Melaku, Maria Gancheva, Simeon Vassilev, Elena Petrova, Borislav Chuchkov, Diana Kavakliyska, Nikola Dodov, Victoria Koleva, Adriana Slavova, Violina Ivanova, Merlin Mehmed

    Producer ARS Digital Studio

    With the support of the National Film Center Executive Agency


    • Sicily Art Cinema Festival
    • Cult Critic Movie Awards
    • New York International Film Awards™ - NYIFA
    • Calcutta International Cult Film Festival
    • MGA - Moscow Gold Awards
    • Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival
    • Black Swan International Film Festival
    • Druk International Film Festival
    • Oniros Film Awards® - New York
    • Masters of Cinema
    • Moscow Russia International Film Festival

    The IndieFEST Film Awards

    Boston Independent Film Awards

    In the official selection of

    • Masters of Cinema
    • South Film and Arts Academy Festival
    • Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival
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