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The Conspirator-Diplomat

The Conspirator-Diplomat

The vocation of Georgi Stranski - doctor, public figure, MP, statesman, diplomat, one of the "Builders of modern Bulgaria"

Little is known and said about Georgi Stranski / 1814-1904 /, but they say that his deeds are commensurate with those of Hristo Botev and Zahari Stoyanov. Dr. Stranski is one of the leaders of the Union and one of the builders of Post-Liberation Bulgaria, a doctor by profession, but also a statesman.

The Conspirator-Diplomat
Cast & Crew
  • Documentary, Bulgaria, 2006, 27 minutes

    Script by Todor Tashev

    Directed by Ivan Tonev

    Director of Photography Ivan Tonev

    Producer: ARS Digital Studio

    With the support of the National Film Center Executive Agency

    Georgi Stranski - the doctor in politics

    Doctor, public figure, MP, statesman, diplomat, one of the "Makers of modern Bulgaria"

    The story starts from his hometown of Kalofer, to his education at the University of Medicine in Bucharest and his work in a hospital, through letters to fellow citizen Botev to ... Radetsky's volley.

    His deeds as an MP in the 5th and 6th National Assembly are intertwined with the intrigue of Dr. Georgi Hakanov, who accused Stranski of conspiracy and an article by Ivan Vazov also against him. Dr. Stranski's rebuttal is in the Maritsa newspaper.

    After the Unification his new home is in Plovdiv, the archives recall his mission in the Serbo-Bulgarian War / / 1885 /, the state work in the administration of Stefan Stambolov, the consulate in Serbia and his return to the medical profession until ... today in front of the portal of Alexandrovska Hospital and Pleven Hospital, which he managed. His last medical treatment was at a district doctor in Ruse, but he returned to politics, this time as chairman of the Supreme Audit Office.

    Dr. Georgi Stranski was born during the Revival period of our history. This makes him a contemporary of a number of events that are crucial for both our liberation and the building of the young Bulgarian state. Before him pass the detachments of Hadji Dimitar and Botev, the April Uprising, the Russian-Turkish Liberation War, the Tarnovo Constitution, the Union .... But it is not always enough to live in an era to feel its texture. To remain invisible, but in fact to form its appearance. Dr. Georgi Stranski does just that.

    Disappointed with Hashov's life, he graduated in medicine in Bucharest. Although his brother Vidul Voyvoda is Stefan Karadja's flag bearer and his friend Hristo Botev enters Bulgaria with a detachment, he does not believe in this strategy. He left with the front units of the Russian army. He actively participated in the drafting of the Tarnovo Constitution. Together with Zahari Stoyanov they prepare and proclaim the Union. He became chairman of the interim government. He took part in the Serbian-Bulgarian war, and then was invited to be foreign minister in Stambolov's government. He resigned due to disagreement with Prince Ferdinand. He does all this without ostentation and selfishness.

    He just lives in Bulgaria andforBulgaria.

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