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The City of Women Badante

The City of Women Badante

A film about the eternal struggle between the material and the spiritual, about the dilemma of staying here with the "wealth" of the family, closeness and communication, but without the prospect of existence or choosing the difficult fate of a badante woman (badante is an Italian word and means a woman's profession). caring for the elderly, sick and dying for a fee and living 24 hours a day in their home) to ensure the material well-being of your loved ones.

The City of Women Badante
Cast & Crew
  • Documentary, Bulgaria, 2009, 70 min

    Directed by Stefan Komandarev

    Director of Photography - Anton Bakarski

    Producer - Stefan Komandarev

    Script by - Diana Ivanova

    Producеr - Argo Film / ArgoFilm - Stefan Komandarev

    In a city without women, men take care of their children, cook, wash and wait for money from their wives who work abroad. A social experiment is being conducted in Varshets. Many of the city's women work as "badante" or nurses for the sick and elderly in Italy. The social structure of Varshets is being transformed and the changes - some dramatic and others humorous - are everywhere: in pubs, in families, in the local brass band. And women come for the holidays once a year. Badante Women is a film about the new European realities. He tells the story of a small town in northwestern Bulgaria that has changed because of the role his women play in the growing market of services on the Old Continent.

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