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The Transition or What Happened to Us

The Transition or What Happened to Us

Freedom or manipulation - from the fall of the Iron Curtain to today… 4-episode documentary series

For the people of the former totalitarian Eastern European countries, freedom is destiny. Its absence has become an instrument of manipulation in the hands of the former State Security and a golden vault for its successors today. What is the sinister legacy of these regimes? Will these countries be able to fully integrate into Europe after the severe injuries inflicted by the system?

The Transition or What Happened to Us
Cast & Crew
  • Documentary feature film, 2013, 50 min.

    Director and script by: Atanas Kiryakov

    DoP: Ivan Tonev

    Music: Theodosius Spasov

    Producer: Ars Digital Studio - Ivan Tonev, Blagomir Alexiev

    With the support of the National Film Center Executive Agency, EU MEDIA program

    "The film is about the transition, about what happened to us in Bulgaria and other countries where we went (Germany, Romania, Estonia, Macedonia). We met with different people - intellectuals, politicians, ordinary citizens and talked about the various manipulations during the transition, about the use of files to blackmail people from parties and governments for various purposes, about the manipulations of the press, which serves in its large part of the heirs of the former nomenklatura and State Security. We talked about the judiciary, about imaginary processes through which politicians distract people from the more important issues of the people and the state. We talked about the lie, about the substitution, about the fact that the West has made a deal with Russia and agreed that Russia should not start a third world war, and the West should not pursue the crimes of communism. It has become clear from our conversations that the crimes of communism have found refuge in the democratic laws of Western Europe. "

    Atanas Kiryakov

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